Exclusive Trailer for HBO Europe’s ‘Success’, Coming to HBO Now and HBO Go This Week

     June 4, 2019

We at Collider are happy to exclusively bring our readers a new trailer for the HBO Europe edgy thriller series Success, along with the news that the Croatian show will be available to watch on HBO Now, HBO Go, HBO On Demand and partners’ streaming platforms for U.S. subscribers starting on June 5th. The show hails from Oscar-winning No Man’s Land filmmaker Danis Tanović and offers a dark insight into the workings of contemporary society through the stories of regular people who have been pushed over the edge by that same community.

Success is centered on the following four people: Vinka (Iva Mihalić) – a middle class bank clerk, Haris (Uliks Fehmiu) – a successful architect, Blanka (Tara Thaller) – a troubled teenage girl, and Kiki (Toni Gojanović) – about to lose his apartment because he is unemployed. These complete strangers cross paths when they stumble upon the aftermath of a violent incident, forcing them to work together to resolve the matter or deal with the consequences – all while trying to overcome their personal struggles. The six-part drama was created and written by Marjan Alčevski.

Check out the trailer for Success below, and watch the show for yourself starting this Thursday.