SUCKER PUNCH and GREEN LANTERN Go 3D, But Are Conflicts on the Horizon?

     March 4, 2010

Martin Campbell Green Lantern image (2).jpg

More 3D films?  Yes and another yes.  With the success of Avatar (most theaters will be replacing the $2 billion-plus grosser with Alice in Wonderland tomorrow), the bevy of films to be released in the extra dimension seems to be endless.  However, unlike Avatar, a lot of studios are trying to reap the benefits of the higher ticket prices (and the immersive nature, to some extent) by adding in 3D in post-production.  Now, Zack Snyder’s latest flick, Sucker Punch, and Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern will be getting the 3D treatment by Warner Bros., according to Box Office Mojo.

Hit the jump to find out of the extra dimension will be added in post production or before and why this might be a huge mess down the line.

green_lantern_alex_ross.jpgSucker Punch, scheduled for release on March 25, 2011, is already in post-production, so the film will have 3D added ala WB’s Clash of the Titans.  Meanwhile, Green Lantern isn’t nearly as easy to predict.  The flick is set to begin filming near the end of the month and it is unclear whether there will be time to shoot with 3D cameras.

Of course, with any film that is as big of a production as this, I can’t imagine why getting 3D cameras would be a problem. However, that isn’t the only problem.  Scenes are often drawn to capture certain qualities that 3D has over traditional 2D. Then again, that shouldn’t matter, since we have to assume much of those effects will be added in post-production with computer generated images anyways.

The other problem is that this could cause a slight delay in production and shift the planned June 17, 2011 release. That is important because the film is sandwiched in between a two other major comic book films, with Thor arriving May 6, 2011, and Captain America (currently casting) set for July 22, 2011.  While I don’t think that will happen…it could.

Want another headache? With 3D, the inevitable fight for screens arise, as 3D theaters just aren’t as widely saturated as their 2D counterparts.  Myself? There are about four screens within a reasonable distance from my house, and I live in one of the largest cities in the U.S.  With the release set for mid-June, an enormous franchise with established box office power sits a month away, and it will be in 3D as well: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two).

The eighth and final installment in the gargantuan Harry Potter series will hit screens on July 15, 2011, and is also distributed by Warner Bros.  Yea; this is a potential mess, as the limited 3D window provides an interesting decision for WB.  Is a month long enough to reap the benefits of the added cost of 3D?  I certainly don’t see Potter moving from its prime real estate.  The latest Potter film opened this same weekend, as well as the blockbuster The Dark Knight in 2008.

I can see Green Lantern potentially moving, but where I don’t know. Earlier will be a better solution, but is it possible to speed up the process with 3D tacked on?  Stay tuned to see what develops.  Either way, get ready to wear glasses a lot more when you go to the movies in the future as 3D is here to stay.


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