Mondo Launches a New Director’s Series with Zack Snyder’s SUCKER PUNCH

     March 24, 2011


Mondo recently launched a new “Director’s Series” line of posters where almost every film in a director’s body of work would get its own specially-designed, gorgeous Mondo poster.  The series kicked off with posters for Guillermo del Toro (and we’re still waiting to see what Mondo has in store for Pan’s Labyrinth, Cronos, and The Devil’s Backbone) and followed up with Olly Moss posters for Duncan Jones’ Moon and Source Code.  Now director Zack Snyder is getting the business and the series begins with his newest film, Sucker Punch.  The poster was designed by Ken Taylor and comes in a regular edition and a variant.  The regular edition is limited to 285 prints and costs $45 while the orange variant is limited to 105 prints and costs $70.  Both posters measure 24″x36″ and are hand-numbered.  The posters go on sale tomorrow at a random time so be sure you’re following @MondoNews for the announcement.

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  Mondo will also be producing posters for Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen, and Legend of the Guardians.  I wish them the best of luck in selling the Guardians posters.





And for those who don’t know about Mondo:

Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique, featuring designs from world famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and Movie properties including Star WarsStar TrekUniversal Monsters. Championed for their limited edition screen printed posters, Mondo focuses on bringing art back to movie posters by working with artists such as Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, Martin Ansin and others. Besides creating stunning works for beloved classics and contemporary films, Mondo produces posters for featured Alamo Drafthouse events and recently inaugurated a “Director’s Series” that will focus on a celebrated filmmaker’s body of work, beginning with Guillermo del Toro.

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