‘Suicide Squad’: List of Rumored Cut Scenes Teases a Much Darker Blockbuster

     August 7, 2016

Suicide Squad just secured at least one big record for having the biggest August opening weekend in the history of the box office, unseating Guardians of the Galaxy in a quick swoop. The David Ayer-helmed DC adaptation had a great first week, but we’re starting to hear more and more about trouble behind the Warner Bros./DC curtain, from interpersonal drama to the shedding of several scenes to make the PG-13 cut. Now, Dark Horizons has located a list of rumored cut scenes, via a Reddit user, which you can take a look at below, that gives us a general sense of what might have been extracted from the original cut of the film.


Image via Warner Bros.

Mind you, all of this is unconfirmed rumor – a post made by a random user on Reddit. Still, a lot of this sounds accurate, especially with Jared Leto‘s recent comments about myriad cut scenes of the Joker with Margot Robbie‘ Harley Quinn. There’s also plenty of evidence in the film itself that scenes that built up Jai Courtney‘s Captain Boomerang and Joel Kinnaman‘s Rick Flag more were taken out in order to cut down on runtime and rating concerns. According to CBM, not only was the scene where Flash (Ezra Miller) captures Boomerang added in after the original cut, but scenes where Deadshot fought Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), Boomerang’s exit before the climax is explained, and other interactions between Deadshot and Flag, as well as Boomerang and Harley, also found their way onto the cutting room floor.

Ayer has said that the film is his director’s cut, which does not bode well for anyone, but perhaps when this hunk of nonsense hits Blu-ray, we’ll see a few deleted scenes that can either confirm or deny this. Patience, DC fans, patience!

Here’s the rumored list of cut scenes via Reddit:

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