Here’s What’s New in the ‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut

     November 17, 2016


I was not a big fan of Suicide Squad, and that’s partly because the film is doesn’t make sense and isn’t properly constructed. However, when we spoke to director David Ayer, he told us, “But this cut of a movie is my cut, there’s no sort of parallel universe version of the movie, there released movie is my cut.” So Suicide Squad isn’t like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where the “Ultimate Edition” is much longer and represents the director’s true vision.

And yet, in their quest to make more money, Warner Bros. has released an “extended cut” of Suicide Squad with 11 more minutes of footage. Does this clear up the plot holes? Does it make the characters more interesting? Does it make the movie better? I watched the extended cut to see what was added to the controversial supervillain film.

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