‘Suicide Squad’: Jared Leto Had Weird Gifts for His Fellow Actors

     April 13, 2016


For the sake of everyone who was forced to work with him on Suicide Squad, Jared Leto’s performance as The Joker better turn out to be amazing. We already knew he sent a live rat to co-star Margot Robbie, but that wasn’t the extent of him using his character as a license to play practical jokes on his fellow cast members.

Speaking to E! Online, Leto explained the reasoning behind his behavior, which, included sending his cast mates used condoms and anal beads:

“I did a lot of things to create a dynamic to create an element of surprise, a spontaneity and to really break down any kind of walls that may be there,” the Oscar winner told me while promoting the movie at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. “The Joker is somebody who doesn’t really respect things like personal space or boundaries.”

He also murders people. Did Leto murder anyone? I can totally see Leto killing a small, defenseless animal in the name of “art” and his art is still terrible regardless.

We’ll see if it all paid off when Suicide Squad opens on August 5th, or if he’s just going to sit in the shadow of Heath Ledger, who personally suffered for the Joker role rather than making other people do it.

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