Jay Hernandez and Adam Beach Talk ‘Suicide Squad’ at CinemaCon

     April 15, 2016


Steve Weintraub is currently at CinemaCon, which is where studios go to promote their upcoming films to theater companies. That means pulling out all the stops and bringing in talent to do interviews with the assembled press.

Jay Hernandez

suicide-squad-movie-poster-firstFollowing the Warner Bros. presentation, Steve got a chance to speak with Suicide Squad stars Jay Hernandez and Adam Beach, who play Diablo and Slipknot, respectively. During Steve’s conversation with Hernandez, they talked about how Diablo was a dream role and getting to work with director David Ayer. As for his discussion with Beach, they talk about the process of bringing Slipknot to life and the additional photography. Furthermore, both actors talked about how this was a crazy production, and how that personality helped build a bond among the cast.

Time indexes for the interviews are listed below. Suicide Squad opens August 5th.

  • 0:35 – On getting to play his dream role of Diablo and working with David Ayer.
  • 2:12 – On being part of a crazy production and building a bond among the cast.

Adam Beach

  • 0:10 – The process of bringing his character, Slipknot, and the film to life.
  • 1:24 – How this shoot compares to other films he’s been on.
  • 2:13 – On getting back for additional photography.

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