Surprise! Zack Snyder Directed a Scene in ‘Suicide Squad’

     August 5, 2016

Warning: Spoilers for Suicide Squad follow. If you haven’t seen the movie, turn back now. 

The Warner Bros. DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad is notable in the realm of the DC Extended Universe for a few reasons, one being that it’s the first not directed by Zack Snyder. Indeed, Snyder kicked things off with his Superman reboot Man of Steel and upped the ante with this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but for the third movie in the DCEU, Warner Bros. enlisted Fury and End of Watch helmer David Ayer to steer the ship.

However, Snyder is still credited as an executive producer on the movie and actually has more to do with Suicide Squad than you might think—he directed one of the film’s scenes. If you’ve seen the film, you know that in the flashback showing how Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang was captured, it was Ezra Miller’s The Flash who thwarted Boomerang’s in-progress bank robbery. The cameo was a nice surprise for fans and a further piece of connective tissue to the DC Extended Universe as a whole, but that particular portion of the scene in question wasn’t directed by Ayer.


Image via Warner Bros.

At the recent Suicide Squad press day in New York, Collider’s own Steve Weintraub sat down with Ayer for an interview, and during the course of the conversation Steve brought up the Flash scene. Ayer revealed that the scene was always in the movie, but was shot in London:

“Flash was always in the movie, we just got lucky because Justice League was happening and they had the uniform, they had the assets, so we were able to get that photography.”

Ayer added that the scene was shot while they were in post-production on Suicide Squad, and when Steve asked if it was directed by Snyder, Ayer confirmed that indeed, the Batman v Superman helmer was behind the camera for that specific moment.


Image via Warner Bros.

It makes sense, after all, as Miller was in costume as The Flash for the first time earlier this year as production began in London on Justice League. It wouldn’t make much sense for Miller to fly all the way to Los Angeles to shoot what amounts to a single shot, and so Snyder simply snapped the footage during the production of Justice League and sent it over to Ayer and the Suicide Squad post-production team.

So there you have it, folks. Movie magic.

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Image via Warner Bros.

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