Summit Hires Music Video Director Anthony Mandler to Helm VLAD, a New Spin on the Dracula Myth; Brad Pitt to Produce

     December 6, 2009


Heat Vision reports that Summit Entertainment, the company behind the Twilight movies, still wants fresh vampire blood and is going after it with Vlad with music video director Anthony Mandler at the helm.  Instead of the angsty-romance of Twilight, Vlad would be an action-adventure.  The script comes from actor Charlie Hunnam who plays the lead role of Jackson “Jax” Teller on FX’s Sons of Anarchy.  Brad Pitt will co-produce with Dede Gardener via their production studio, Plan B.

Vlad, which centers on Dracula as a young prince, would presumably weave into history seeing as the title is from “Vlad the Impaler”, the historical figure who inspired the Dracula myth. Summit was already developing the project but Mandler gave it fresh life after execs saw his reel.  While Heat Vision says the execs were wowed by the reel and compared it to 300, after looking at some of his videos on YouTube, I don’t get that sense at all.  Mandler looks like he prefers a handheld, documentary style approach and uses as few words as possible to set up the music-part of the music video.  He also takes his time and his videos (again, the ones I saw) take about a minute to actually get to the music-part of the music video.

I’ve included three of his videos demonstrating this approach.  Maybe his 300-style is in videos I haven’t seen yet.

The Killers- When You Were Young

Eminem – Beautiful *High Sound* (EXTENDED VERSION)

Rihanna Hate That I Love You

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