Summit Says WE LOVE YOU to Alan Yang’s Bromance Pitch

     October 14, 2009


Pop culture, you ruin everything.  Two guys can’t be friends any more.  Oh, no.  We have “bromances”.  And then cue the “Brokeback Mountain” song and boy, ain’t that just comedy.  What’s worse, “bromance” is a socially-acceptable form of homophobia because two guys being close friends seems gay so let’s dub it with an ironic term and then we can all breathe easy.  But since “We Love You, Man” was successful (although I imagine that Paul Rudd and Jason Segel contributed more to that success than the premise), then we must take that movie, bring it to the Hollywood Xerox Machine,make a sloppy facsimile, and notify the secretary that we’re low on toner.  Summit just hit the green button for “We Love You” so the jump to wonder if this kind of movie-making can be considered a form of copyright infringement.

I think you can understand my cynicism when I read in The Hollywood Reporter that Summit Entertainment has bought a pitch from writer Alan Yang called “We Love You” which is about “two close friends who discover they’re dating the same woman and the comedic and relationship consequences that ensue when they try to disentangle the situation.”  This is what happens when you put bros before hos: insipid, uninspired comedy.  And if you think I’m being hard on Yang, his other credits include the interracial-adoption comedy “White Dad” and a rewrite of the David Dobkin project “Boss Go Home”.  Why not add laugh tracks to these movies and call it day? [the image above comes from the great web comic “VG Cats” which is actually funny and creative and therefore not really appropriate for this story]

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