‘Star Wars’, ‘Bill & Ted’, ‘Arrival’ and More Cameos Headline Walmart’s Jam-Packed Super Bowl Spot

     January 29, 2020

If you were ever wondering what roughly one bajillion dollars would look like on-screen, may I direct your attention to Walmart’s TV spot for Super Bowl LIV, which features every bit of pop culture nostalgia not nailed down to the floor. Yes, football’s biggest night is fast approaching which means we’re already knee-deep in the big-money ad campaigns, and while we’ll tragically no longer get to mourn the death of Mr. Peanut, you can marvel at Walmart’s mash-up of everything from Star Wars to Arrival.

The highlight here, obviously, is Sam J. Jones playing a version of Flash Gordon that is just fanatical about picking up toys at a major shopping chain, which is the type of fever dream nonsense you can afford to film if you happen to be Walmart. There is also Anthony Daniels delivering possibly his last-ever line as C-3PO for a 60-second commercial, Alex Winter playing both a current and past version of Bill S. Preston Esq., an Arrival moment that I can’t imagine Denis Villeneuve had any part of, and the triumphant return of Frank the Pug from Men In Black.

Check out the Walmart spot below, which also features shout-outs to Mars Attacks!, Toy Story, The LEGO Movie, and more.

As you gear up for the big game on Sunday, here are the other Super Bowl commercials already release: Bryan Cranston goes absolutely insane for Mountain Dew Zero. Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch are ovah the freakin’ moon for Hyundai’s smaht pahk featchah. Rick & Morty gets trapped in a Pringles ad. Al Pacino is in the Nazi-hunting business, and business is booming.

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