Super Bowl 2020 Ad: Mountain Dew Pushes Bryan Cranston Over the Edge in ‘Shining’ Homage

     January 28, 2020

Yesterday, one of the first Super Bowl LIV ads featured a trio of BostoniansChris EvansJohn Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch–hawking Hyundai’s wares. That came on the heels of Molly Ringwald featuring in two spots for Avocados From Mexico. Now, we’ve got Bryan Cranston going crazy over a new Mountain Dew.

If you haven’t seen The Shining, a cinematic classic that’s often been referenced throughout pop culture, then the homage here might sail over your head a bit. It shouldn’t though. Mountain Dew isn’t exactly known for subtlety or nuance, so the iconic movie scenes here should be somewhere in your memory banks even if you’ve never seen the full film. Add in a delightful dash of Tracee Ellis Ross and you’ve got a very silly little TV spot that’s sure to please the Dew drinkers out there, even if it pisses off the purists.

Check out the new ad below:

Your insatiable thirst for DEW just got quenched in a terrifying way: new #MTNDEWZeroSugar! As good as the original, maybe even better? Now with all of the things you love from the original DEW flavor, featuring Bryan Cranston, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Zero Sugar.

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