Martin Scorsese Needs Best Bud Jonah Hill in Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl 2020 Ad

     February 1, 2020


Coca-Cola has unveiled their Super Bowl LIV ad for the company’s new product, Coca-Cola Energy, featuring director Martin Scorsese and Jonah Hill. The last time we saw these two together, the year was 2013 and they were both involved with The Wolf of Wall Street. So, what are these two groovy dudes doing in a Coca-Cola Super Bowl spot?


Image via Coca-Cola

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but y’all, this Coca-Cola ad is pretty darn cute. And yes, I know you wouldn’t expect the word “cute” to be applied to an ad for a new energy drink featuring two Wolf of Wall Street alums who are not named Leonardo DiCaprio, but here I am doing exactly that. The ad’s premise is simple: Scorsese is stuck trying to play it cool at a costume party while he waits for his best bud, played by Hill, to show up. The director impatiently texts Hill to ask for an ETA, to which the actor low-key bugs out and admits he totally forgot he was supposed to go to the party. As the world waits to see what will happen, Hill must rely on the power of Coca-Cola Energy to get him to this shindig and save Scorsese from awkwardly flying solo.

Scorsese and Hill’s Super Bowl LIV spot debuts just one day before Sunday’s big game. We’ve seen tons of fun, celebrity-filled Super Bowl ads roll out over the last week, including Mountain Dew’s ad parodying The Shining featuring Bryan Cranston and Hyundai’s game day ad starring John KrasinskiRachel Dratch, and Chris Evans. In addition to these Super Bowl ads, game day viewers should keep an eye out for some new trailers teasing forthcoming movies and eagerly-awaited TV shows.

You can watch Scorsese and Hill team up for Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl 2020 ad below. For more, check out Wal-Mart’s pop culture-rific Super Bowl spot here.