STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, WORLD WAR Z, IRON MAN 3, and More Planning Ads for Super Bowl XLVII

     January 29, 2013


We’ve already revealed teasers for the Super Bowl ads for Oz the Great and Powerful and The Lone Ranger (although the latter is during the pre-game), plus reported on the first look at Fast & Furious 6 as well as the Star Trek Into Darkness app that will start up during the second quarter.  According to THR, there will also be ads for World War Z and Iron Man 3.  Sony, Fox, and Warner Bros. are skipping out on the Super Bowl, and you can’t really blame them since adtime is averaging around $3.75 million.  Personally, I’m most excited for the no-name company that purchases adtime and runs a horribly offensive commercial (there’s always one).  For non-movie ads, there will be the usual suspects the Budweiser Clydesdales, E-Trade’s talking baby, and Danica Patrick for  I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a few Bud Light commercials show up, and those are usually among the best of the night.

Hit the jump for details on the ads.  Super Bowl XLVII begins at 6:30pm EST.

According to CS, here’s how the ads break down:

  • 30-second World War Z ad during pre-game
  • 30-second Star Trek Into Darkness ad during the second quarter
  • 30-second Fast & Furious 6 ad during the game
  • Oz the Great and Powerful ad during the game, but length unknown
  • 90-second The Lone Ranger ad during pre-game
  • 60-second ad for Iron Man 3 ad, but debut time unknown

Since most of the ads immediately go online after premiering on the Super Bowl, be sure to check back with us after the big game to see all of the TV spots.


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