Watch Some of This Year’s Best Super Bowl Commercials Early

     February 3, 2016


Super Bowl 50 is nearly upon us. While that certainly means something for you sports fans out there, for the rest of the world, that means it’s time for some hilarious and/or cringe-worthy commercials. There will be many more on display in the coming days since the glut of Super Bowl commercials has recently expanded from one Sunday’s worth of ads to more than a week of mad-vertising. We’ve got an early look at some of the best available, which might just be the ones you’re talking about next Monday morning.

Judging by these early Super Bowl 50 commercials, America is all about beer, fast cars, big trucks, avocados, wiener dogs, and coffee. That about sums it up! You can also catch such well-compensated celebrities as Seth RogenAmy SchumerJeff GoldblumWillem Dafoe, Christopher Walken, and Liam Neeson, along with some more surprises.

Check out a few of this year’s best Super Bowl commercials below:

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