Watch All the 2016 Super Bowl Movie Trailers

     February 7, 2016


The year’s biggest television event is here, and it’s got something for everybody. From the big game, to the half-time performances, to the best and funniest in the year’s commercials, and of course, the Super Bowl movie trailers. Consistently the most-watched live television program of the year, the asking price for a prime Super Bowl slot has shot to record highs this year, and almost all the major studios are breaking out the big guns for the event. So far we know we can expect Alice Through the Looking Glass and The Jungle Book TV spots from Disney, one last push for Deadpool from Fox, and there are sure to be plenty of other fun surprises throughout the evening.

As the Super Bowl movie trailers premiere, we’ll be using this post as a one-stop-shop for all your Super Bowl trailer needs. This post will be updated frequently and quickly over the course of the game as the new trailers debut, so be sure to refresh this page often and sound off in the comments with your favorite Superbowl trailer of the year.

Watch the 2016 Super Bowl movie trailers below.

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