SUPER BOWL XLIV Ads Revealed – Universal, Paramount and Walt Disney Buy Spots

     January 5, 2010

Superbowl image Iron Man 2.jpg

With Super Bowl XLIV airing in a month (February 7, 2010), the list of advertisers who have bought spots has been revealed.  While the country is still in a recession and some may think paying almost $3 million for 30 seconds of airtime is crazy, the fact is…you’re going to get around 100 million people watching your commercial, and that’s an enormous amount of eyeballs.

So to try and raise awareness for this year’s biggest movies, Universal, Paramount and Walt Disney have all bought TV spots.  Universal and Disney have purchased one spot, while Paramount bought three.  Universal will probably show Robin Hood or Wolfman, Walt Disney might go with Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3 or Prince of Persia, but you don’t have to wonder about Paramount, as they’ll be showing Shutter Island, Iron Man 2 and The Last Airbender during the first and second quarters.  For fans of all these films, let’s hope some of these spots have new footage. (via

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