Watch: MCU Stuntmen Create a Live-Action ‘Super Smash Bros’ Fight

     December 12, 2018


What if Super Smash Bros, but real life? That’s the premise at the heart of a new video created by YouTuber The Legend of Micah (aka Micah Moore), who assembled four stuntmen who’ve worked on various Marvel Cinematic Universe films to create a live-action Super Smash Bros fight.

The video, of course, comes just as Nintendo has released the latest Super Smash Bros game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but this is far from a marketing tie-in. Instead, it’s a really fun, well-executed thought experiment.

Ben Aycrigg (Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel fills the role of Mario, Alex Hashioka (Avengers: Infinity War) plays Link, Tang Nguyen (The 5th Wave) takes on Ness, and last but not least Matt Scheib (Captain America: Civil War) takes the role of Falcon.

So, uh, how long before a studio approaches Nintendo to try and turn this into a feature film?

Check out the video below (via EW).

super-smash-bros-mario super-smash-bros-stunt-video-2

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