‘Super Troopers 2’ Red-Band Trailer Reveals Shenanigan-Filled Sequel

     August 28, 2017


The first Super Troopers 2 trailer has been released online, and it’s a red-band cut that teases the R-rated nature of the highly anticipated sequel. The entire main cast returns, with Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske reprising their roles as state troopers—even Brian Cox is back. The story this time around involves a border dispute between the U.S. and Canada, with the Super Troopers tasked with establishing a Highway Patrol station in the disputed area.

This trailer is very much a teaser for the film, so it doesn’t really get into the story so much as it promises the Super Troopers vibe is still strong in the sequel. There are a couple of solid jokes to be found here, and one imagines fans of the cult-favorite original movie will be happy to jump back into the Super Troopers world once again. It almost feels throwback-y that this is a theatrically released sequel, since nowadays a lot of cult properties are getting revived in the form of limited TV series on Netflix or wherever. So it’s nice to know that Super Troopers 2 will offer up a theatrical experience with a close-ended story.

Check out the first Super Troopers 2 trailer below. The film also stars Rob Lowe and Emmanuelle Chriqui and opens in theaters on April 20, 2018.

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