Dean Cain and Helen Slater Join SUPERGIRL In Mystery Roles

     February 27, 2015


CBS’s Supergirl is keeping it all in the Super family, it seems. TVLine is reporting that in a stroke of meta casting, Dean Cain and Helen Slater will be joining the cast of the upcoming series for its pilot.

Here’s the background: Slater played Kara as 1984’s Supergirl movie (similar to how The Flash cast John Wesley Shipp, who played the character in the 1991 series, as the new incarnation’s father). Cain starred as Superman in ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

supergirl-comic-imageBoth have also had roles in the CW’s Superman series Smallville, with Slater as Clark’s (Krypton) mother, and Cain as an immortal character, Dr. Curtis Knox. It’s stunt casting at its finest, but why not? Hopefully the CBS show will have the same level of fun self-awareness to it that The Flash does (and Arrow, to a certain extent), which seems likely given that the development team is the same.

Who the two are playing on the new series is being kept under wraps for now, though. But as for the rest of the cast, we know that Melissa Benoist is our Kara, Mechad Brooks is her love interest Jimmy Olsen, and Calista Flockhart will be playing Kara’s boss from hell, Cat Grant. Laura Bernanti (Nashville) will be playing Kara’s Kryptonite mother (so that won’t be Slater’s role).

Other recent casting for the series includes Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy) as Kara’s foster sister Alex, and David Harewood (Homeland) as Hank Henshaw, chief of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations.