‘Supergirl’: 10 Essential Episodes to Watch Before Season 2

     October 2, 2016


Supergirl Season 1 was a very fun entry into the DC TV superhero world, highlighting a strong female protagonist with a great message. It wasn’t a perfect season of television—it can be pretty cringeworthy whenever Kara “chats” with her famous cousin over an instant messenger screen—but it is definitely a show that’s worth catching up with, and one that will certainly get even better as the series matures. Though these 10 episodes represent the best of the best, don’t think that the other 10 are without merits. If you only watch these, you might miss the first look at Supergirl’s version of the Fortress of Solitude, and a great Bizarro story, for example. But, if your time is limited and you don’t want to watch 20 episodes, here’s a cheat sheet with the essentials that will get you caught up before Season 2.

Supergirl’s second season takes off on The CW October 10th, and you can catch up with the first season Blu-ray or DVD, or during the current, repeat airings on The CW and cwtv.com.