‘Supergirl’ Lands Safely on The CW with a Steady Season 2 Premiere Rating

     October 11, 2016


Supergirl Season 2 has been an interesting test case in a lot of ways, and we’re only just getting started with seeing what those results might be and mean. Supergirl originated, of course, on CBS as the Eye network’s wary foray into superhero shows. But despite the plethora of superhero shows on TV, none of them are hits — and CBS only trades in hits (mostly). But Supergirl was a good show with decent ratings, and so an interesting thing happened: CBS gave it to its affiliate station (which it co-owns with Warner Bros.), The CW, to add to its DC-heavy line-up that includes The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Supergirl seemed like a natural fit on the network, which had already seen a Flash/Supergirl crossover between The CW and CBS, but there would be some changes. Production would move to Vancouver from L.A., which meant that the new season might be a little less sunny — both literally and figuratively.

But the premiere of Season 2 showed us that wasn’t the case. As Craig Byrne praised the show’s lightness, and wrote in his review of the first episode, “[Tyler Hoechlin]’s premiere flight as Superman and Supergirl’s CW debut are both very, very good and represent the best DC Comics television has to offer.” And it seems that CW viewers have responded. According to the overnight ratings (the rating number counts the all-important 18-49 age range, but the viewer numbers include everyone who tuned in), Supergirl notched a 1.1 rating and 3.02 million viewers in its debut CW hour, which is on par with The Flash‘s ratings (which for its Season 3 premiere garnered a 1.3 rating and 3.17 million viewers). It also beat new series premieres for Frequency (0.4, 1.36 million) and No Tomorrow (0.5, 1.51 million), and even the Season 5 premiere of Arrow (0.7, 1.89 million viewers).

Those viewer numbers, specifically, are way down from what Supergirl was hitting on CBS — the rating was largely the same (1.3) but the viewers were doubled (6.1 million) for its Season 1 finale — but that’s not surprising given that it no longer has CBS’s massive audience boost. But what’s more important is that it’s doing well for The CW — very well, in fact, as it is seeing a huge rise in that timeslot from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s ratings.

But, one of the major features of Supergirl‘s premiere was the arrival of Superman, which was certainly a draw even for casual viewers. We’ll see if these numbers hold moving forward, or if there’s a noticeable decline as Supergirl settles into its season.

Supergirl airs Monday nights on The CW.