‘Supergirl’ Might Be Moving to The CW for Season 2

     May 5, 2016

Fans of CBS’ Supergirl have rightly been at a lost as of late over the lack of word on the series presumed second season. As The Wrap reports this morning, there’s good reason for the delay in announcement, and it has a lot to do with the show’s rather ludicrous price tag, with licensing fees reaching some three million per episode between Warner Bros. and CBS. The fanbase, though quite fervent from what I’ve witnessed, is not big enough (or loyal enough) to legitimize the amount of money that’s being spent on bringing Superman’s cousin to the small screen every week.


Image via CBS

The most logical solvent for the situation is a move to The CW, where the DC universe has an impressive stronghold that, on nearly every level imaginable, outshines the DC cinematic universe. Sure, no one’s turning out something like The Dark Knight but any random 20-something-episode season of Arrow or The Flash is both A. more enjoyable and B. more well-paced than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And Supergirl‘s fanbase is more aligned with the general age and interests of The CW, so a move to the Warner Bros./CBS co-venture would make a tremendous amount of sense at the end of the day.

The budget for the show, of course, would likely take a healthy slashing if it moved to CW, with licensing fees also dropping considerably, but I don’t foresee this being a major issue. If the series were to take on a level of make-up and effects that The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, little of the DNA of the series would change really. The writing wouldn’t have to change at all, and thought some actors might be asked to take pay cuts, I can’t imagine they would be considerably diminished. Indeed, if Warner Bros. and the creatives behind the show are so keen on giving the fans at least one more season of the show, finding a middle-ground should be relatively easy. We shall see what shakes out in the next two weeks, as CBS will have its all-important up-fronts in a little over 10 days from now.


Image via CBS


Image via CBS