‘Supergirl’ Team Recreates Classic DC Comics Cover in New Episode Poster

     October 17, 2016


Back when Supergirl was still on CBS, The CW graciously let The Flash (Grant Gustin) cross over into the network’s world in order to appear on a crossover episode earlier this year. To celebrate that special event, the folks over at CBS who were familiar with the history of DC Comics decided to craft an episode-specific poster that paid homage to the comic book story that inspired it. In that poster, like the comic book cover that preceded it, The Flash raced against a member of the Super family to determine just which superhero was the fastest person alive.

Now that Supergirl is on The CW, they’re keeping up the theme with a new poster that celebrates tonight’s episode, “The Last Children of Krypton.” This one is decidedly less whimsical as, instead of recreating a good-natured race, it recreates one of the more powerful poses from the comic book covers during the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” run. It comes from the October 1985 edition, Vol. 1 #7 which features the infamous death of a character, so spoilers lie ahead.

Here’s a look at the previously released crossover special poster in a side-by-side comparison:


Images via CBS, DC Comics

Feel good about that one? Now check out the original DC Comics cover that will feature in tonight’s episode below, followed by The CW’s version:


Image via DC Comics


Image via The CW

While we don’t expect Superman to take over Supergirl’s title series in tonight’s episode (nor do we expect him to wrap her body in his cape and send her out into the cold vacuum of space), Supergirl certainly seems to be in some peril when she goes up against a new foe tonight.

Be sure to tune in for Supergirl tonight at 8pm on The CW!