‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Casts ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel

     June 16, 2016

Superman has not been doing well as of recently. Even if you enjoyed or genuinely loved Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the damn thing ends with the man of steel’s demise. That’s less than encouraging, even considering the last shot of the casket, and we’re still a long way from seeing anything like a finished polished product from Justice League. Meanwhile, Batman is still on his feet at the end of Batman v Superman, and looks to be a somewhat integral part of David Ayer‘s upcoming Suicide Squad.


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There is hope for our Man of Steel though. TVLine is reporting that Supergirl Season 2, which will see the superhero series moving from CBS to the CW, has cast Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) cousin, Kal-El, otherwise known as Clark Kent or Superman. The role has been given to Tyler Hoechlin, probably best known for his dark role on MTV’s Teen Wolf and his recent, excellent turn in Richard Linklater‘s Everybody Wants Some! The man certainly has the jawline and good looks that would befit the character, and Linklater’s film gave him a showcase for more impulsive, comedic performance than Teen Wolf ever did. He could be great in this role, and its not hard for you to imagine him bouncing off the characters that have already been established in the Supergirl universe.

Adding Superman to the show is a big entrance for the DC series, and its befitting the assumed changes that will have to be made to the show with their transition to a new network. As with The Flash and Arrow, there’s a certain expectation that Supergirl will be more about big introductions, fan-favorite characters, and ripped-from-the-pages storylines, even though the first season scored major points with the Martian Manhunter reveal and taking on characters like Red Tornado. I don’t think a streamlined series will cost the show much in the long run, and with Hoechlin now in as Superman, the series could really break out.


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