‘Supergirl’ Video Recap Show: Lord Have (Black) Mercy

     February 9, 2016


Recap: This week on Collider’s Supergirl Video Recap Show, Kaori Takee, Clarke Wolfe and Carli Garsow catch up on the hit CBS series discussing tonight’s all new episode.

At the end of last week, Kara was attacked by a strange visitor in her kitchen and this week she is feeling the wrath of the “Black Mercy.” As a result, Kara was transported in her mind to her biggest fantasy: being back home on Krypton with her family. Though she knows that it’s just a fantasy, Kara begins to forget the truth and the more she believes that she’s actually on Krypton, the less likely she is to come back to herself on Earth.


Image via CBS

As a result, Winn and James have to cover with her at work with Cat who is still unhappy with her for breaking up with her son Adam. Alex calls in J’onn to use his shape-shifting abilities to cover for her. Once “Kara” is off the hook with Cat, the team has to get to the bottom of what the Black Mercy is and how to stop it.

Not surprisingly, we learn that Non was responsible for unleashing the dangerous alien onto Kara, but he did so without Astra’s knowledge. Non and Astra are gearing up to enact their plan to take over Earth and end humanity, but Non is suspicious of Astra’s dedication to the plan: does she still care for her niece?

It was a dramatic episode in more ways than one: will Kara leave her fantasy to come back into her body on Earth? Will Alex be able to save her sister? Can the DEO protect National City from Non and Astra’s evil plan? We discuss all of this and lots more on this week’s episode of the Supergirl Video Recap Show from the team at Collider Video!


Image via CBS