Superhero March Madness, Round 3: The Sweet 16

     March 10, 2016


While Round 2 didn’t bring us a match as close as “Catwoman vs. Scarlet Witch”, there were still a few close brawls like “Superman (Reeve) vs. Professor X (McAvoy)” and “V vs. Groot”, but there were also near-total blowouts like “Human Torch vs. Deadpool” and “Wolverine vs. Mystique.” It’s been fun to see what you guys have been choosing, and while I was shocked at some of the contestants who were sent packing after round two, we’ve now reached the stage where everyone’s likely to be disappointed by the democratic process.

Vote below. The cutoff for voting is Monday at 2pm EST.

To see the results of previous rounds, click on the links below:

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