Superhero March Madness, Round 2: Let the Real Battles Begin

     March 7, 2016


We had never attempted anything like Superhero March Madness before, and while there were some technical errors (which will now hopefully be sorted out thanks to using different code), on the whole it was still a success with thousands of people voting for their favorite superheroes.

Because it was the opening round, there wasn’t much in the way of upsets, but there were still some interesting outcomes. The closest match by far was “Catwoman (Hathaway) vs. Scarlet Witch”, which when the votes were tallied had Scarlet Witch ahead but now if you check again, Catwoman has taken the lead after the cutoff. Other interesting races include Mystique besting Brandon Routh’s earnest Superman, Drax being no match for Ant-Man, and 68 people who believed that George Clooney’s Batman was better than Captain America (I genuinely want to hear their argument why).

But this is where things get interesting. Now we’ve got 32 fairly well-liked characters squaring off and I’m prepared to see some broken hearts.

Vote below. The cutoff for voting is Thursday at 2pm EST.

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