CW Superhero Series News: Grant Gustin on Flashpoint, Felicity Moves on from Oliver

     July 31, 2016

Superhero TV is ready to return in a big way this fall, but no one network has enough costumed crimefighters to take on The CW. The network, which was famous for Smallville before the current superhero series revival, found great success with the DC Comics adaptation Arrow. That series blew the doors open for The Flash, arguably the most popular superhero show on TV right now. After CW also found success with a spin-off series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the network added CBS’ Supergirl in the off-season; both shows will enjoy their second season this fall.

But before things get rolling on The CW, there are some news items that should be of particular interest to fans of each and every series. And, since these shows have a habit of crossing over with each other in often unexpected ways, what happens on The Flash could effect plots elsewhere in the DC TV universe. With that in mind, we’ve cobbled together the latest news regarding this fearsome foursome, all of which you’ll find below.