2015: Rise of the Superhero TV Series – From ‘Agent Carter’ to ‘Jessica Jones’

     December 26, 2015


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As we prepare to bid adieu to 2015 and look ahead to the television landscape of 2016, there’s one thing you can safely bet on: There will be plenty of superhero TV shows. While superhero properties bound for the big screen continue to grab big names and big headlines, the costumed crime-fighters of the small screen are getting it done week in and week out with much more room to develop their heroic qualities along the way. And even though many of the entries on this list entered the weekly TV guide well before 2015, this was the year that saw every major broadcast network vying for a piece of the superhero pie, one they had to share with Netflix, Starz, and even PlayStation Network.

Superhero TV may not reign supreme forever, but for the time being, the genre is certainly here to stay. Some of the shows on this list debuted in 2015, others enjoyed second and third seasons, and one saw a resurrection of an earlier superhero series as a new “event miniseries.” It’s a sign of the current popularity of superhero TV that only one of the properties that was ordered to a full series ended up being cancelled. Oddly enough, that show’s protagonist ended up with a cameo role on a sister series due in part to fan demand. If you missed any of these superhero shows, use our handy list to get caught up before the new year is upon you.

Some spoilers may follow, so make sure you’re up to date on your TV watching!