Henry Cavill’s Superman in Black Suit Revealed in First ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut Clip

     July 25, 2020


Zack Snyder has blessed us all with a new clip from his forthcoming cut of Justice League featuring Henry Cavill‘s Superman in his iconic black suit. Previously, DCEU fans had seen stills and a deleted scene of Superman’s sleek, all-black suit around the time of the movie’s 2017 release and on the Blu-ray. Now, we have confirmation our favorite Kansas native will get costume change at some point in the Snyder Cut’s runtime.

Snyder shared the new, official Justice League sneak peek during a panel chat on Saturday, part of the Justice Con event running from July 25-26. The sneak peek clip came at the end of the Justice Con panel discussion with Snyder (via Twitter user @dragonnaydra) and gives us a full view of Cavill, as Superman, walking and talking in his iconic black suit. The clip begins with the camera zoomed in tight on a tumbler of whiskey, before cutting to Alfred’s (Jeremy Irons) face and then the stunning reveal of Superman, all in black. Before things really get good, we’re treated to a single line from Superman: “I’m assuming you’re Alfred.”

This new clip of Superman in his black suit is the second bit of new Justice League footage we’ve been treated to in recent months. Back in mid-June, Snyder also released what is effectively the first teaser trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut. DCEU fans can also expect more from Snyder at the upcoming DC Fan Dome event in August, including an official runtime and title. Snyder has slowly and steadily been revealing even more from his cut of the much-maligned 2017 movie since it was announced his version would be coming to HBO Max next year. But, until then, we’ll just have this Superman clip on repeat.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming to HBO Max in 2021. Get even more HBO Max updates here.

Allie Gemmill is the Weekend Contributing Editor for Collider. You can follow them on Twitter @_matineeidle.

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