Hasbro Toys Concept Art from Tim Burton’s Aborted SUPERMAN LIVES

     December 14, 2011

Superman Lives is the non-movie-movie gift that keeps on giving. Director Tim Burton’s Superman adaptation never made it to the screen, but plenty of concept art was drawn up and costume tests were performed. We’ve seen Nicolas Cage looking ridiculous in the rubbery Superman suit, we’ve seen images of the costume sculpts from the film, and we’ve even seen video of the light-infused suit in action. Now more concept art has surfaced by way of Hasbro’s mock-ups for the all important toy tie-ins. They’re in keeping with the silliness that Burton had planned, and are worth a gander if this sort of thing piques your interest. They also include a look at the Kryptonian Explorer. Hit the jump to check them out.

Here the images courtesy of designers from the Hasbro Toy Group (via the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page):







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