Hans Zimmer to Score Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL

     June 18, 2012


In a move that’s not entirely surprising, composer Hans Zimmer will be handling the score for director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel.  Zimmer’s frequent collaborator Christopher Nolan is producing Man of Steel, and this news is yet another sign that the exiting shepherd of the Batman franchise is intricately involved in the reimaging of Supes.  This marks the first Snyder film that won’t be composed by Tyler Bates, but I’m not exactly broken up about it.

Variety’s report doesn’t mention whether Zimmer will pay homage to John Williams’ original Superman theme or not, but I would wager no.  John Ottoman already did as much with Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, and Zimmer will likely want to craft a sound that fits Snyder’s iteration of the character.  Judging by the rather dark title treatment and set photos we’ve seen (as well as Nolan’s involvement), Man of Steel will be more Batman Begins than Superman Returns.  If you’re a big Zimmer fan, check out Steve’s video interview with the composer in which he shows Steve around his studio.  Hit the jump to sample some of Zimmer’s more memorable works.


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