Rumor: Production Timeline for SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL? UPDATED

     January 7, 2011


As we all know, Christopher Nolan is producing the upcoming Superman reboot.  Unfortunately, that means any and all official word on the film is almost at radio silence, because if you knew how the movie was developing, it would be impossible for you to enjoy it for some reason.  With that in mind, a reader has sent us what might be the production timeline for Zack Snyder’s Superman: The Man of Steel and the dates are plausible.  All that’s been confirmed about Superman so far timeline-wise is that it will be released “Holiday 2012”.  The reader tells us that principal photography begins August 22, 2011 and will run through April 2012, which is a pretty long shoot.  Post-production on the film will then begin on May 1, 2012 and run through November 2012.  The film is set for release sometime between December 14 – 21st, 2012.

Hit the jump for more on this rumor.  Be warned, there’s minor spoilers ahead.

UPDATED: We’ve been sent an update…

[Minor spoilers ahead]

Here’s what the reader sent us:

Principle Photography begins 22 August 2011 and shooting will run until April 2012. “Superman” will enter Post-Production May 1, 2012 and will continue until November 2012 set for release in Mid-December 2012 (14th – 21st) [Date still TBC].

Principle Photography will start in [Location TBC] which will act as “Smallville” and will film for about 40 days for 4 scenes: [HOMECOMING], [FUTURE DISCUSSION], [SHIP DISCOVERY] and [FUNERAL].

Filming will then move to [Location TBC] where the majority of filming takes place. Shooting here will last Mid-September until Early January 2012.

Filming will then move to the European and Asian continents as well as the Middle East for minor shoots from January 5th to mid February 2012.

Filming will then move to a UK Studio until late April 2012 for interior shoots and set shoots before entering Post-Production on May 1.

So is this the actual timeline for the production?  We don’t know, but it’s possible.  This is going to be a big budget film and since Snyder is going to be busy with his new film Sucker Punch all the way through March, there’s still plenty of time for casting and other pre-production. Also, it’s not like that they’ll be editing only when they’re done filming.  They’ll be editing from the day they start shooting so that the day the wrap, they’ll have a rough cut.  This is standard practice for most big budget pictures. Again, we can’t confirm or deny this, but this isn’t the craziest timeline ever.

We were sent an update from our source:

To follow up on the confusion surrounding my tip off about the Superman production timeline:

The scenes in Smallville aren’t the first thing in the movie but are going to be filmed first for convinience and won’t be a major part of the story but a key part.

I believe that the stand in for Metropolis will be Chicago and NOT Vancouver. This is one of the key reasons why The Dark Knight Rises has moved to Detroit because TDKR doesn’t have as many ariel shots as Superman and so the audience will not know the difference. The ariel shots in TDKR will be CGI enhanced as will the Superman shots.

There will be a Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year breaks during the shoot. Shooting in 2011 finishes on something like December 15th and won’t resume until January 5th.

The foreign shoots are for a montage scene and will feature Clark Kent. I believe the story says Iraq and Afghanistan but filming won’t take place there for obvious reasons and a stand in country will be chosen. The actual foreign places are being decided now and it may even film those desert war scenes in the US.

The UK studio is Shepperton Studios at Pinewood I believe and is where the Daily Planet interior scenes will be filmed as well as others which I won’t say.

Again, we can’t confirm or deny this info.  If anyone has any addition information, please let us know.


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