Casting Process Begins for SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL; Looking for Unknown or Little-Known Actors Age 28-32

     November 18, 2010


There’s been some confusion lately on how old Superman will be in Zack Snyder’s upcoming reboot, Superman: The Man of Steel.  In an interview last month, Armie Hammer (The Social Network) said his agents had looked into him possibly playing the role, but that the filmmakers were looking for actors aged 35-40 (Hammer is 24).  Deadline now reports that the age range they’re currently looking to is actually 28-32, which makes more sense, although I’m sure that news will disappoint those carrying a torch for the 39-year-old Jon Hamm to play the role.

Deadline adds that the actor who ends up playing Superman will likely be a discovery, or an actor from TV who isn’t yet a big star.  Hit the jump for some possible contenders.

joe_manganiello_ian_somerhalderDeadline reports that if the studio ends up going the TV route, then possible contenders are 34-year-old Joe Manganiello (True Blood) or the 32-year-old Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries).  However, Deadline also notes that hiring an established regular on a TV series may not even be possible since shooting is expected to begin in June and would therefore mess with production on fall prime time shows.  Warner Bros. also can’t delay the filming “because some of the rights are in jeopardy in 2013.”

The process of selecting a new Superman will likely take months, but unlike other superhero casting races, the selection of Superman will most likely end with a collective, “Who’s that?” from fans.  And that’s how it should be.  Since Superman doesn’t wear a mask, any well-known actor could easily distract from the character.  While any good actor, no matter their fame, can disappear into a role, Superman is not a character who disappears.  He’s iconic and when you see him flying around on screen, you want to see Superman, not, as it would have been in Tim Burton’s failed adaptation, Nicholas Cage Dressed as Superman.  Routh was perfect casting and while I wish they would bring him back, I understand the need for a fresh start.

Unfortunately, I’m not the greatest at casting so I don’t have any good suggestions.  For that, look to The Playlist, who came up with some interesting choices as to who should play Supes.  I especially like the casting of James Wolk (who starred on Fox’s short-lived Lone Star) even though he’s only 25.

Christopher Nolan and his partner Emma Thomas will produce along with Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder.  Snyder will direct a script from David Goyer (Batman Begins).  Superman: The Man of Steel is currently slated for a holiday 2012 release.


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