‘Supernatural’: “My Guess Is It Will Outlast Me,” Says CW Boss

     January 11, 2016


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In the midst of its 11th season, Supernatural stands tall as The CW’s longest running scripted show (a title it recently usurped from long-time champ Smallville), and with a devoted fanbase, a supportive network, and a happy pair of leading actors in Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, there’s no reason it needs to stop there.

While The CW has yet to announce their new pickups, and thus a 12th season is yet to be confirmed, network president Mark Pedowitz addressed the possibility of the further adventures of the Winchester brothers at today’s TCA press tour — giving what has essentially become his rote answer at this point — and sounded pretty positive about the future of the series.


Image via The CW

Said Pedowitz,

“Both Jared and Jensen are having a blast, and as long as they have a blast, it’s a great thing. [In its] eleventh year, the show is performing better than it did last year, as well as you could ever hope. So, again, we have made no series pickups yet. We have not done anything along those lines, but I’m pretty hopeful that we’ll see it again.

In an interview after his presentation, Pedowitz fielded more questions on the future of the series, and while he still wasn’t ready confirm a new season, he reaffirmed his stance that the network is committed to the series as long as the creators and audience are — quipping that Supernatural might outlast his tenure at the network.

“If they can keep delivering stories, and the numbers keep holding, and the guys want to do it, we’re going to try to keep going. I can’t tell you if there will be a season 12 yet. I can’t tell you if there will be a season 15 yet. I can’t tell you if it won’t outlast my tenure at the CW. My guess is it will outlast me.”


Image via The CW

Those of you fearing a rushed ending to the long-running series, rest assured — if and when the time comes for a final season, Pedowitz thinks that it will be a decision made in advance ratherthan a mid-season cancellation.

I think creatively the studio and the showrunners and jensen and jared would come to us first and say ‘I think this is it. We’re out of juice.’ And then we’ll deal with it, but at this time I don’t think anyone’s out of juice.

While that’s far from an official pickup, it’s a pretty promising. It likely won’t be too long until the network reveals their decision, but in the meantime you can look forward to more of the family business when Supernatural‘s 11th season returns Wednesday, January 20th.