‘Swiss Army Man’ Trailer Reveals the “Farting Corpse Movie” with Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe

     April 4, 2016


A24 has unveiled the first trailer for the wholly unique adventure comedy/drama Swiss Army Man, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival this past January to a passionately divisive response. You may know the film better as “the farting corpse movie,” as Daniel Radcliffe’s flatulent character made headline waves following the film’s Sundance screening. Written and directed by Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert), the film stars Paul Dano as a man stranded on an island who, as he’s about to commit suicide, finds that a corpse has just washed ashore. He and Radcliffe’s character subsequently embark on a journey that is at once hilarious, sweet, sad, and incredibly strange.

I was lucky enough to catch the film during its world premiere at Sundance (read my review right here), and count me firmly among those that kind of loves it. Swiss Army Man is absolutely unlike anything you’ve seen before, as Daniels continuously surprise with a tone that could most closely be described as darkly comedic, but is truly—in keeping with the film itself—wholly unique. Whether you come away loving or hating this oddity, Swiss Army Man is absolutely worth seeing, and the performances from Dano and Radcliffe are nothing short of terrific.

Take a look at the film’s first trailer below, which luckily doesn’t give away some of the film’s best surprises but does preview Manchester Orchestra’s fantastic original score. And click here to watch Steve’s interview with Dano from Sundance. Swiss Army Man also stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and opens in theaters on June 17th.

Here’s the official synopsis for Swiss Army Man:

Hank (Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted island, having given up all hope of ever making it home again.  But one day everything changes when a corpse named Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) washes up on shore; the two become fast friends, and ultimately go on an epic adventure that will bring Hank back to the woman of his dreams.



Image via Sundance


Image via Sundance

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