‘Tron’ and ‘Blade Runner’ Designer Syd Mead Reflects on Both Films, Talks ‘Blade Runner 2’

     February 3, 2016


Last night at the VES Awards, acclaimed visual futurist and conceptual artist Syd Mead was presented with a Visionary Award for his enormous contributions to visual arts and filmed entertainment. If you’re not aware, Mead has worked on numerous movies and created the V’ger entity in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the lightcycles and other vehicles in Tron, and the city backgrounds and vehicles in Blade Runner! In addition, he was a consultant and designer for the “Johnny 5” robot in the film Short Circuit, and has worked on other films like AliensTime CopElysium, and countless others. His unique take on design has inspired people all around the world and influenced countless movies and TV shows.

As a big fan of his work, it was a real thrill to get to speak with him last night on the red carpet. He talked about making Tron and Blade Runner, collaborating with Ridley Scott, and his thoughts on the Blade Runner sequel. Check out what he had to say below.

Syd Mead:

  • Talks about what he did on Tron(he created the lighcycles!)
  • Memorable moments from making Tron.
  • Talks about what he did on Blade Runner.
  • Collaborating with Ridley Scott on the film.
  • Did he realize while making it that it would become such an iconic film?
  • Talks about the design process on Tronand Blade Runner.
  • His thoughts on a Blade Runner sequel.
  • Have they asked him to work on the sequel?



Image via Alcon

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