‘Euphoria’ Star Sydney Sweeney Tapped for ‘Nocturne’, the First Blumhouse-Amazon Movie

     September 30, 2019


New developments on the Blumhouse TV front as the first movie stemming from their deal at Amazon is beginning to take shape. The Blumhouse-Amazon deal was struck back in 2018 and is made up of eight movies that, according to Deadline, are reportedly going to be thematically connected. With the news about this first movie, it looks like we’re getting a clearer idea of what themes will be touched on in the ensuing movies.

In the latest from Deadline, the first Blumhouse TV-Amazon movie will be titled Nocturne. The report notes that Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has been tapped as one of the movie’s leads in addition to Madison Iseman (Annabelle Comes HomeJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle). As for the rest of the cast, Jacques Colimon (Netflix’s The Society) and Ivan Shaw (Hulu’s Casual) have been brought in, too. Nocturne will be directed by British-Irish filmmaker Zu Quirke, marking the director’s first non-short film endeavor.


Image via Warner Bros.

The synopsis for Nocturne notes it’s a “supernatural thriller about an incredibly gifted pianist who makes a Faustian bargain to overtake her older sister at a prestigious institution for classical musicians.” Visions of Netflix’s The Perfection have immediately begun dancing in my head at the mere mention of classical music playing a major role in a horror movie.

This is all the known information about the project at this time and, truth be told, there’s still so much more we need to know. Because this is a breakout project for Quirke as a director, it’s tough to know what to expect in terms of the realization of this story for a medium like Amazon’s streaming service. Then again, the Blumhouse pedigree of this particular project plus the fact that Sweeney and Iseman are extremely capable actors plus the notion that Nocturne fits into some intricate Blumhouse-Amazon extended universe is the kind of math that equals an optimistic attitude from me.