Sylvester Stallone Will NOT Direct Sequel to THE EXPENDABLES

     March 8, 2011

The Expendables movie image sllice

Fans of the 2010 ensemble action hit The Expendables will almost certainly be getting a sequel in due time (the film reigned in close to $275 million worldwide against a sub-$100 million production budget). However, it’s looking increasingly likely that star/co-writer/director Sylvester Stallone will not helm the follow-up. According to 24 Frames (who got the info from an unidentified source who has been “briefed on the project”) Stallone is not currently planning on directing the sequel. Instead, the report claims that Sly has been meeting with potential directors for the project.

The report also confirms that the sequel’s script has already been penned by the writing team of Ken Kaufman (Space Cowboys) and David Agosto (a departure from the original writing pair of Dave Callaham and Stallone). That said, there is currently no word on what type of mission will be at the core of the flick and/or what alterations the ensemble cast may undergo (although my earlier hope that The Undertaker would play a key role seems to be dwindling by the day). Given his new found free time, is there a chance we could see a bigger role for Arnold Schwarzenegger? What are your thoughts on a sequel directed by someone other than Sly? Let us know in the comments.

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