Sylvester Stallone Comes to the Rescue of THE TOMB

     October 27, 2011


The prison escape drama The Tomb has a bit of history where 80’s action stars are concerned. Initially Bruce Willis was set to star, with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua onboard to helm. Then Willis dropped out and Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger was eyeing the project as a possibility for his first post-governating project. Schwarzenegger eventually chose to go with The Last Stand as his comeback film, then Fuqua dropped out in favor of Southpaw leaving The Tomb director and star-less. Now Variety reports that Sylvester Stallone is breathing new life into the Summit project as he’s come onboard to star (apparently 80’s action superstars are interchangeable).

The film centers on Ray Breslin, the world’s foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing numerous high security prisons, Breslin is framed and incarcerated in a master prison that he designed himself, and must now figure out who put him there and, most importantly, find a way out. It’s a pretty nifty concept (reminiscent of The Rock), and could turn out to be fairly cool action pic given the right behind-the-scenes talent. With Stallone now attached, producers are now on the hunt for a director. Stallone, Willis, and Schwarzenegger will all appear together in The Expendables 2.

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