First Synopsis for Untitled Tony Scott Film Starring Mickey Rourke; Formerly Titled “POTZDAMER PLATZ”

     November 8, 2010


Lionsgate is currently mentioning an untitled Tony Scott film starring Mickey Rourke at AFM (American Film Market) and we now have the synopsis for the film.  The project was previously known as a “Potzdamer Platz“, which is a reference to a train station in Germany, but the setting has shifted to Puerto Rico.  While Javier Bardem and Jason Statham were also reportedly circling the project, Rourke is the only actor attached to the project at this point.  Hit the jump to check out the synopsis.

Here’s the synopsis for the untitled film:

Two Jersey mobsters are sent on a simple mission: send a message to their boss’s rival by wiping out his Puerto Rican compound.  The hit takes on new meaning when they discover a six year old girl in hiding.  Suffering an uncharacteristic bout of conscience, they allow her to live.  All hell breaks loose when the hit men later learn the little girl was the actual target and they were set up to execute a plan of cold-blooded revenge by killing the child of the woman the mob boss once loved.

That’s a slightly different plot than what we heard back in May, which was reportedly about, “Two soldiers in a New Jersey-based crime family who try to expand internationally.”

It’s unknown if this will be Scott’s next film, but if Lionsgate is currently talking about the project to potential buyers at AFM, then it shows that the film has momentum.  Scott, whose new movie Unstoppable opens on Friday, has also been linked to the Sonny Barger biopic Hell’s Angels (also starring Rourke), and adaptations of John Grisham’s The Associate and Mark Millar’s Nemesis.  He also plans to direct Top Gun 2, but has said that it won’t be his next movie.

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