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Sundance 2013: A.C.O.D. Review

     January 24, 2013

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In his feature directorial debut, A.C.O.D., Stu Zicherman has taken the premise for the episode of a sitcom, and turned it into a film that’s not only funny, but also surprisingly relatable for audience members represented by the title’s acronym, …

Amy Poehler Joins Adam Scott in Divorce Comedy A.C.O.D.

     March 8, 2012

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The cast of Stu Zicherman’s A.C.O.D. just got a little more Parks and Recreation-y with news that Amy Poehler will join a (pretty damn solid) cast, which already includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jane Lynch, Jessica Alba, Richard Jenkins, Catherine O’Hara, …

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Joins Adam Scott in A.C.O.D.

     March 1, 2012

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead has joined Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, and Richard Jenkins in the comedy A.C.O.D. The title stands for “Adult Children of Divorce”, and the plot centers on a guy (Scott) who has been caught in his parents’ ugly …