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BEFORE WATCHMEN: First Thoughts on the WATCHMEN Prequel

     May 20, 2012

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Is it possible (and/or right) to continue Watchmen without Alan Moore?  The question is so oft posed and the resulting criticisms so well documented, it almost feels tiresome to repeat.  Art vs. commerce and yadda, yadda, yadda… I have nothing …

DC Comics Announces WATCHMEN Prequel Comics

     February 1, 2012

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In situations likes these it’s best to sigh and then shrug.  DC Comics has officially announced that they’ll be launching Before Watchmen, prequel comics based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen.  While there have been murmurings of Watchmen prequel …

Could DC Comics Be Developing a WATCHMEN Sequel/Prequel?

     February 3, 2010

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Bleeding Cool is reporting that DC has some pretty definite plans to move forward with several sequels or even prequels to the Watchmen comics.  Why now, after over 20 years after the original graphic novel was published?  The popularity of …


     November 7, 2009

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This Tuesday, Warner Bros. is releasing the “ultimate cut” of “Watchmen,” a 5-disc box set intended to do the graphic novel justice–something that writer Alan Moore would be (but still isn’t) proud of.  The feature included is an hour longer …