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Caprica 1.5 DVD Review

     December 31, 2010

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“What went wrong with Caprica?” is a popular refrain among sci-fi circles this holiday season. Syfy cancelled the would-be successor to Battlestar Galactica’s legacy after just one season, engaging in a hasty retooling over the hiatus before dropping the whole …

CAPRICA Season 1 Recap

     September 22, 2010

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In case you’re still holding out and haven’t seen Syfy’s excellent Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, you’re missing out on one of the absolute best shows on TV.  You don’t have to have seen any Battlestar to enjoy it, so don’t …

Will The Real Fake Lita Ford Please Stand Up?

     June 24, 2009

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I don’t like my casting news contradicted.  Hollywood, if you’re going to re-cast a role, I want a huge, messy blow-up transparently covered-up with the time-honored excuse of “creative differences”.  So when we reported on Rolling Stone’s reporting that “Caprica” …