Ben Kingsley Circling MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST

     September 27, 2012

Usually when I say Mary Mother of Christ, it’s due to a bout with Tourette’s or just after smashing my thumb with a hammer.  In this case, the film is actually a prequel of sorts to Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the …

SANCTUM Blu-ray Review

     July 6, 2011

The cover-box for Alister Grierson’s Sanctum trumpets the involvement of James Cameron, the 3D-enthusiast who changed the game a few years ago with Avatar.  Holding the cover box in your hands, you might be inclined to believe that Sanctum was directed by Cameron– …


     February 4, 2011

James Cameron keeps trying to make the case for 3D but perhaps he should work harder in making the case for quality stories.  As a producer on Alister Grierson’s new 3D film Sanctum, Cameron is essentially putting his name on …