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Sundance 2013: THE LOOK OF LOVE Review

     January 20, 2013

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Real estate magnate, nudie show producer, and smut publisher Paul Raymond cared more about success than people.  It’s an obvious conclusion from a man who treated women as objects, put his own desires first, and didn’t mind doing cocaine with …

Rhys Ifans and Anna Friel NEVERLAND Interview

     November 28, 2011

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From writer/director Nick Willing (Alice, Tin Man), Neverland – premiering on SyFy on December 4th and 5th – is an original prequel story to author J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan. In 19th Century London, Peter (Charlie Rowe) and his young …

Keira Knightley to Voice Tinker Bell in NEVERLAND

     March 10, 2011

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Keira Knightley will provide the voice of Tinker Bell in Sky Movies HD and Syfy’s Live-Action Peter Pan prequel, Neverland.  Knightley joins Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, Bob Hoskins, Charles Dance, and Charlie Rowe in the two-part movie, which is scheduled …


     February 21, 2011

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As most folks take the day off to celebrate our nation’s Presidents (because I’m sure that’s how people are spending their free time: celebrating US Presidents), it’s a bit of a slow news day.  With that in mind, we bring …

New Images and Clip from Sky Movies HD’s NEVERLAND

     January 6, 2011

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Sky Movies Premiere HD just sent over a clip and as well as a few images from their new film Neverland.  Featuring a solid cast that includes Rhys Ifans (upcoming Spider-Man reboot), Golden Globe-nominee Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies), Oscar-nominee Bob …