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BROTHERS Blu-ray Review

     March 29, 2010

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If someone ever has the balls to do a remake of Taxi Driver, Tobey Maguire would make a great Travis Bickle. His performance as Sam in Jim Sherdian’s film Brothers proves that the man who was once Spider-Man has got …


     December 3, 2009

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I’m not sure why Brothers is so shallow.  The plot of a man leaving to fight in a war, presumed dead, his wife developing an emotional connection to his brother, and then the resulting conflict which occurs when the man …

Natalie Portman is a Dirty, Dirty Girl

     August 27, 2009

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A magazine interview with Natalie Portman is not automatically interesting – unless the person who is asking the questions happens to be Jake Gyllenhaal.  In that case you get questions for the erudite Ms. Portman which elicit surprising confessions like, …