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     December 16, 2010

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TRON: Legacy is an odd sequel as it attempts to capitalize on the technologically groundbreaking but commercially unsuccessfully 1982 film TRON.  The original film has built up a cult following over the years and even managed to occasionally find its …

Olivia Wilde Interview TRON: LEGACY

     September 26, 2010

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In the highly anticipated high-tech adventure sequel Tron: Legacy, actress Olivia Wilde plays Quorra, a fearless warrior who helps Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) reunite with his father, Kevin (Jeff Bridges). She is a unique program, much like a surrogate daughter, …

Comic-Con 2010 Celebrity Images

     August 8, 2010

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Just when you think it can’t possibly get any bigger, the annual San Diego Comic-Con manages to do just that. The exponentially growing number of attendees and non-comic book related attractions doesn’t deter it from being one of the biggest …

New Image from TRON: LEGACY

     July 23, 2010

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Disney has sent over a new official image from Tron: Legacy (click for high resolution). If you saw the new trailer that was released yesterday, the image might look familiar. If not, you should really check it out as I …

TRON: LEGACY Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2010

     July 22, 2010

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Until today, no film had ever showed up at Comic-Con for three years running.  TRON: Legacy has now set that record.  And while it’s the movie’s third appearance, it was the first time Con-goers got to see footage from the …