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Analyzing 2009

     January 2, 2010

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The 2009 film industry highlight reel is fun to watch. You are reminded of the $10 billion in ticket sales. The negative impact of the economy on specialty films. The $4 billion Disney-Marvel acquisition. But a highlight reel, while succinctly …

John Waters Lists His Top 10 Films of 2009

     December 15, 2009

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Yesterday, we brought you Quentin Tarantino’s Top 8 Films of 2009 and today we have John Waters, another film buff/director, listing his best of the year. I always find anything that Waters writes or says to be entertaining and his …

BRUNO Blu-ray Review

     November 17, 2009

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We’re done with Sacha Baron Cohen’s most famous creations, cinematically speaking. When Da Ali G show hit it was a sensation in England, and a cult hit in America, and ignitied some stateside interest in this great prankster. On the …

Deleted Scene from BRUNO Featuring Pete Rose

     November 5, 2009

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For future reference, if you’re clearly being punk’d by one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters (or really anyone that’s trying to put you into an uncomfortable situation on camera), just play into it.  The whole point of the comedy is …

Summer 2009 Box Office Wrap-Up

     September 7, 2009

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With only hours to go before Hollywood’s golden season draws to a close, I thought it was a good time to do the post-mortem on the summer of 2009.  By now you may have heard that this summer was Hollywood’s …